A Woman Gets An Amazing Surprise After Rescuing A Feral Cat

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A woman shared a story online about rescuing two feral cats that ends with her having SIX cats, and it's all kinds of incredible.

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Imgur user shaunesphoto explained that she had been feeding Cookie, a feral black and white cat who lived in a vacant lot, for two years when she realized that the kitty had had a litter.

Only one of the kittens appeared to have survived, a Maine coon she named Scrappy. Their home wasn't ideal — a trash-strewn vacant lot between a highway and a busy street.

"Scrappy was not as wild as his mama and one day I picked him up and put him in a carrier and took him home," she wrote. "He went to the vet, got fixed, and treated for fleas and worms. I continued to feed Cookie but she was more distrustful of me now because I had taken her baby. I just had to rescue her too."


Scrappy adjusted to his life as a tamed kitty and the woman knew she needed to recuse his mom too.

Earlier this yeah, shaunesphoto saw her chance. One day, when Cookie was eating, she grabbed her and put her in the car — sadly without a carrier. When they got home, Cookie bit her (understandable, she was scared) and ran off.


Sure she had lost her feral friend forever, shaunesphoto set a trap and hoped for the best. Her expectations weren't high considering she lives near a golf course that is also a wildlife preserve, but miraculously, Cookie was in her trap when she checked early the next morning.

She put Cookie in a guest bathroom to rest and went back to bed, happy she had successfully rescued her longtime fur friend.


But boy was she in for a surprise.

"The next morning when I went to check on her, I was greeted with four little surprises! She had a litter of kittens! I was so happy that I was able to trap her so she could have her babies in a safe place."