Cat Takes A Nap In A Box, Accidentally Gets Mailed Across Country

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Image Credit: Getty stock image

Cats love boxes. This isn't news to anyone who has ever had a cat ... or met a cat ... or seen a video of a cat on the internet. In other words, it's universally known that cats love boxes.

Usually, this isn't a problem. But for one cat in Italy, it definitely became one. The cat, who lives with her owner in Lecce, hopped into an open box and quickly fell deep asleep (as cats do).

The owner didn't realize her kitty was in the box, however, and sealed it up and shipped it — all the way to Vicenza, literally hundreds of miles away.

The poor cat was in transit for four days before she arrived in Vicenza and was discovered by package handlers, who noticed the box was moving.

Image Credit: Getty stock image

Luckily, she was fine (dehydrated, of course, but otherwise okay).

A spokesperson for CGIL Vicenza, told The Dodo her owner was "desperate because she had not found her cat for days" and immediately got in her car to make the almost ten-hour drive to Vicenza to retrieve the cat when she got the news.

Let this be a lesson to cats and cat owners alike: Boxes go in the mail, so they should probably be checked for living things (just in case) before mailing.