Good Boys Flash Their Bad Side In Ridiculous Hashtag Challenge

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The only bad pictures, photographer Ansel Adams once said*, are those you opt not to take.


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That, anyway, is just one takeaway from a hilarious Japanese social media challenge that has since spilled over to the American internet.

As BuzzFeed reports, Twitterers in Japan started sharing images last week around hashtag #犬の写真ヘタクソ選手権, which loosely translates to #BadDogPictureChampionship.

And having scrolled through these blurry photobombs and off-center crops (do it for the anti-Gram if you will), I can safely vouch for the results of this newly emergent meme.


A sampling of the hashtag's best — ugh, worst — snaps, is compiled below, along with their translated captions, some of which are equally LOL.

"I have seen such a deep-sea fish."

"I feel sorry somehow."

"I am not in trouble."

"Were there tags of dogs too?"

"When I looked up at a snack, it was supposed to be taken so cute."

"The moment I was jumped."

"Conclusion: Dogs are liquid."

"The eyes are not graffiti .... "

", what!?"

"Funny and crazy."

Feel free to add yours below in the comments or on the microblogging platform at #犬の写真ヘタクソ選手権, but remember: They're all good pictures, Brent.

***** = to me, in a red-eye, transpacific fever dream