36 People Who Look Ridiculous Walking Animals Other Than Dogs

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If you have a dog, you probably walk it daily. Probably more than once a day. If you have any other animal, you probably don't walk it. And if you do, you definitely look a little ridiculous. Here are 36 pictures that prove it.

1. It's a ... service duck?

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2. The first walk is the most traumatic.

3. Such chill.

4. The sweater really distracts from the leash.

5. Not how walks work. Nope.

6. Also wrong.

7. It's "take your pet pig to class" day, obviously. Doesn't your school have that?

8. Walking toys is also weird. Even if you're a cat.

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9. The yarn leash really makes this look legit. Good call.

10. Just taking a stroll through the world's biggest litter box. NBD.

11. Just a full grown pig being walked in a city. NBD.

12. Take this off or I'll throw a fit. You've left me no choice.

13. Good walk, goat.

14. You can't make me go.

15. I will not be a part of this.

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16. Can you see what that is? It's a bunny. On a leash.

17. Go limp. Just go limp.

18. Just hurry up and do your business, goat.

19. His eyes say, "Are you really sure we should be doing this?"

20. His body says, "I'm positive we shouldn't be."

21. This just doesn't seem safe.

22. His parents told him he could only have a pet goat if he was willing to walk him, presumably.

23. Ah, yes, the hog's natural habitat: An alley.

24. Okay, I'll try. JK, I'm done.

25. Let's hope that bag is for what we think it's for — for the neighbors' sake.

26. Sheep need to be walked too, apparently.

27. This will take a while?

28. Chicken. Bathrobe. Flip flops. WTF.

29. A totally normal family outing.

30. Is that a ... snake?

31. A goat. At a Burger King. Okay. Cool.

32. This is how it's done, horse.

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33. He sees your goat and raises you a llama.

34. Watson is living the life, TBH.

35. Celebrity appearance: Stephen Fry walking a sheep because why not?

36. Now come on. This is just ridiculous on every level.

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