19 Pets Who Are Bad At Eating

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You would think that there would be a few things that even the laziest, tamest of house pets would naturally be good at — like eating. But no, not everyone can excel at everything, even something as simple as stuffing your face with delicious food. Here are 21 pets who are objectively bad at eating.

1. That's not how that works.

2. When you get more food on your face than on your tongue.

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3. This is the most ineffective way to accomplish what you're trying to do.

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4. Don't tell me how to live my life.

5. Pretty sure he didn't swallow any of this kibble. (Hover to play.)

6. His adorable little turtle mouth can't eat the tomato. OH. EM. GEE.

7. This not how you apple, deer.

8. The good news is that he will still eat the piece that fell off.

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10. Not dinner, but we appreciate the effort.

11. Take your time. That's kind of your thing, as a tortoise and all.

12. But you earned the treat, good boy. Eat the treat!

13. Annnnnd back out the carrot goes.

14. Lesson one: Wait until the food is dead to eat it.

15. Poor planning, guys.

16. Overzealous puppy is too much for this bowl.

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17. The worms have a real chance here, which is not how we expected this story to go.


19. You can get it, Pom. We believe in you!

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20. Ow. Ow. Please stop. It hurts to watch.

21. Nope. Just ... nope.

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