Pets Are Being Rescued & Reunited After The California Wildfires Thanks To These Volunteers

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About a month ago, California's Sonoma County was devastated by one of the most intense wildfires in recent history.

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Humans and their animal counterparts quickly escaped the area of the deadly mid-October Tubbs Fire for their own safety in all sorts of (often creative) ways.

But those animals who were sadly lost or left behind haven't been forgotten. Groups of passionate volunteers are utilizing social media platforms, like this Sonoma & Napa Fires Missing and Found Pets Facebook group, to help facilitate furry reunions between pets and their owners.


They're relentlessly dedication to rescuing missing and lost pets in the area is admirable.

They've even been lucky enough to have an owner find and capture her two cats in one night.

While both dogs and cats sadly went missing during the fires, a huge number of cats continue to be unaccounted for, according to the group's page.


These helpful humans have placed makeshift shelters in fire-affected areas to provide lost pets with refuge.

Many of the animals they've rescued have been through a great deal of trauma because of the fire.

But, thanks to their incredible resilience, they're recovering and thriving under the human's care.

And many of them have gone back home, like this lucky kitty, Scooter.

The group, with the help of the local residents and similar organizations including the Sonoma County Animal Services, have been able to shelter a good number of animals.

In fact, they've been so effective, they have a separate Facebook page to celebrate the joyful pet reunions.


These rescued pets' faces are totally worth the effort.

They may not be able to say "thank you," but you can easily tell these pampered pooches and domestic kitties are grateful to be off the scary streets.

These fur babies have been through a lot.

It's always good news when they're back in the comfort of their own home or at least with their own family.

But with all those happy reunions, lots of animals still await their parents. After a 30-day hold, these animals will be put up for general adoption if they remain unclaimed.


Animals wait patiently for their owners to find them again.

Many recovered pets are even fixed and microchipped.

Sometimes there are near-matches, or people who think they recognize an animal ...

... but it can be difficult to identify a pet without a confirmation from the owner.

It's especially hard to identify pets who don't have distinct markings ...

... but even with distinct markings, it can be a process to find the family again.

So volunteers and owners alike are going to great lengths to identify these recovered pets.

Many animals are still missing, and owners are posting pictures in the hopes of a neighbor recognizing and reuniting them with their beloved pet.

Though the majority of pets are cats and dogs, some are floppy ...

... and feathered.

Even weeks after the fire, local residents are still on the lookout for strays and pets wandering around the neighborhood.

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