Bossy Kitten Terrorizes Service Dogs With Cuddles & Kisses

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In this pack, a kitty is the big dog on campus, and he didn't just earn his reputation by bossing around his canine counterparts — this notorious feline is literally named Dee-Oh-Gee (aka DOG).

The black-and-white cat was gifted to the St. Louis based Support Dogs, Inc. company back in July.

Since then, Dee-Oh-Gee apparently decided he runs the place. And, while that often means he can be found helping with around the office ... (Hover to play.)

... it also means he's often wrestling and cuddling his larger doggie friends.

DOG actually plays an important role towards the development of the service dogs at the company. The animals are trained to be non-reactive. So when little feline DOG comes up and pulls at their tails, bats at their heads, and generally taunts them with his ability to run around freely, the dogs must learn to be chill about it all.


So while much of it may look like just normal play, DOG is actually constantly up to very important business.

Though the office is filled with dog lovers, the appropriately named cat has certainly earned his keep.

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