This Cat Who Says "Hello" Means Kitties Are Closer To World Domination Than We Thought

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A sweet greeting from your four-legged friend when you walk in the door is one of the best parts of any animal owner's day. Every pet seems to have their own distinctive way of saying, "Hello." And, in the case of the cat captured in this now viral-video, some animals literally say, "Hello."


When Jason Ybarbo walked into his home, his friendly black cat repeated back the owner's human greeting. The kitty even repeats the greeting several times until the final response, in true cat style, was simply a "Meow." Ybarbo's video description explains this is a rather recent phenomenon between the two of them.


Of course, his kitty isn't the first animal to learn human words. In fact, plenty of cats have learned the friendly greeting.

And, unsurprisingly, so have their canine counterparts.

But no matter how many dogs or cats may conquer the English language, it's still unbearably adorable on many levels.

This dog named Mishka even says, "Bye Bye."

Then there's this classic talking cat from the early days of the social web.

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