Dad Discovers Selfies & Only Takes Them With His Dog

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Despite the fact that he isn't a seasoned selfie-taker, this dad quickly perfected the art of snapping an autobiographical photo. Mostly, thanks to the fact that his selfies include candid shots of his adorable doggo by his side.


Video of the Day

This dad went viral on Reddit recently.

Given this dad's happy smile and the adoring looks from his canine companion, it's very easy to see why.

He's not the first dad who happily posed with his loyal dog for selfies. There seems to be a pet picture-style that fathers intuitively know.

Somehow, too, the dog knows to pose perfectly for the picture.

Of course, plenty of dads bring it when taking a selfie with their pups.

And others even inspire their furry friend to give a goofy smile for the world to see.

It doesn't even have to be his dog he poses with. Some dads take excellent selfies with their grandpups.

The beauty of a dad pic is not only the creative composition and excellent use of negative space, but the delighted faces of dads and doggies alike.

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