This Handsome Dog Is Featured In People's Sexiest Men Alive List

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People magazine's 2017 "Sexiest Men Alive" list always causes quite a stir. And this year, one of the chosen men featured a picture with his adorable and just-as-handsome dog right by his side.


Scott Eastwood's pup Fred, a 3-year-old white Labrador, posed with his human sidekick for the magazine. The two of them shared a satisfied side smile that will melt pretty much anyone's heart.

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Like his owner, Fred is showing off some serious outdoorsy skills from the beach photo shoot. And, though Eastwood might be charming on his own, Fred certainly adds to his overall appeal. His owner gushed the Fred loves to play and hang out with his human, and helps to bring his house alive.

Eastwood is a pretty outspoken dog lover. He’s not afraid to post a picture of himself with a puppy.

He's even known to model with random pups when they're willing to oblige.

And he's not shy about showing any dog affection.

But it's pretty obvious his heart belongs to his beloved and very happy Freddy.

Congrats to Fred on his People magazine recognition. Hopefully his proud owner will take time out of his busy schedule to reward his best fur friend with lots of kisses and treats.