A Stray Cat Is Actually The Prime Suspect In This Attempted Murder Case

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Image Credit: NikolaBarbutov/iStock/GettyImages

When 82-year-old Mayuko Matsumoto was found bleeding in bed in Japan, her daughter rushed her straight to the hospital.


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"Blood covered everything above her chin. Her face was soaked in blood. I didn't know what had happened," her daughter told the local RKK Radio station, according to a translation by the Asian news network Straights Times.

Matsumoto had been mauled. Unfortunately, she was already disabled prior to the attack and wasn't able to identify her attacker.

Police immediately began investigating the attempted murder. As the NY Post reports, however, they weren't able to find evidence of anyone leaving or entering the home during the time of the attack. The most likely culprit, they concluded, is an animal — specifically a feline.



The police aren't dropping the investigation though. They launched a citywide search for the stray cat behind the attack and even have a prime suspect — blood that's believed to be human was found on the paws of one stray and the samples have been sent to the lab for analysis.

Here's hoping the justice system works purrrrrfectly.