A Vet Discovers A Shocking Secret About This Shelter Dog That Sends Rescuers Into The Wild

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Get ready for a beautiful reunion story. On Tuesday, an Indiana animal shelter reported that a group of eight puppies had been rescued and reunited with their mom.

The shelter, Lakeshore PAWS, wrote about the touching story on their Facebook page.


The story begins with a stray dog. After feeding the dog for six months, a group of caring, wonderful people caught her and brought her to Lakeshore PAWS so she could get the care she needed and find a safe, loving forever home.

Sounds great right? Not totally. The dog wasn't exactly thrilled to be at Lakeshore PAWS.

"The poor girl was so scared and shut down," the shelter wrote on Facebook. "She just hid in the kennel motionless as though her thoughts were on something else."


The workers from the shelter took the dog to the vet and learned that she had just given birth to puppies a few weeks earlier. The group didn't waste any time. They headed out in stead of the puppies, even though it was already dark out.

Finally, they heard a tiny growl and found eight healthy puppies under an abandoned truck. The pups (five girls and three boys) were reunited with their mom and the staff at Lakeshore PAWS are getting them all ready for adoption.

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