Woman Didn't Plan To Keep This Kitten, But Her Dog Had Other Plans

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The heart wants what it wants — and this puppy's heart wants a kitten sibling. But first, let's go back to the beginning. This love story starts with a trip to the vet. A woman was driving her dog to an appointment, when she spotted a lump of black fluff on the side of the road.

Naturally, she stopped to see if it was an animal who needed help and it definitely was: An adorable kitten.

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The kitten was alive, but it definitely needed some TLC. The woman took it and cleaned it up and fed it.

After the kitten was fed and cleaned, it fell asleep by the fire — nuzzled up with the woman's dog, Cali.

The two became fast friends and the idea of getting rid of the cat suddenly broke her heart.

Unfortunately, she couldn't take on another pet, but she knew she had to find a way to keep Cali and the kitten in each other's lives.


She reached out to her brother and his girlfriend, who fell in love with the kitten and agreed to adopt it.

A loving home and lots of play dates with Cali? This kitten is officially living the life.