These 19 Pompous AF Hipster Pets Will Make You Roll Your Eyes

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Hipster culture has finally trickled down to our beloved pets and we have nobody to blame for this travesty of a trend but ourselves.

1. He started a GoFundMe to buy handmade squeaky toys and expensive artisanal vegan treats.

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I donated.


2. Her Instagram feed is 90 percent selfies with song lyrics.

And latte art.


3. SMH.

4. This tabby lugs his typewriter with him everywhere, including the coffee shop and the subway.

5. This kitty enjoys a nice nap in a cardboard box when nobody is looking.

6. She only listens to music on vinyl. And she only takes black and white pictures.

7. He is going to ask you to read his manuscript.

I read it. It's actually not half bad.


8. He thinks he's the only one reading books these days.

But he just keeps reading ​Dharma Bums​ over and over. It's weird.


9. Move along, nothing to see here, just a hipster dog on a skateboard riding the subway.

10. He's a regular at the local coffee shop down the street but would never be caught dead at a Starbucks.

11. She brings her Polaroid camera everywhere.

12. So does he.

13. This dog only drinks tap water from mason jars.

14. This cat makes a living selling vintage clothes she's thrifted.

She also had a trust fund.


15. There's vegan bone broth in the mug.

16. He constantly sends you Facebook invites for his band's shows.

17. This pup doesn't go anywhere without a can of La Croix.

18. He is obsessed with home brewing kombucha.

Which is kinda cool because he's happy to share.


19. He is the most annoying barista.

And those aren't even prescription glasses.


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