Just 18 Pets Who Are Freaking Out About Thanksgiving

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It's Thanksgiving, aka the most delicious time of year! There's only one thing on everyone's mind — Thanksgiving dinner.

While you're busy stuffing your face, your pets are totally hitting up the guests for a little something-something. They're being extra cute and extra good, all for a few savory, delicious, gravey-topped morsels.


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2. Your pets have been dreaming of this day all freaking year.

3. They've been working real hard on their Thanksgiving arts and crafts.

4. They've been trying to control themselves around all the delicious smells and temptations.

5. Your pets have even agreed to wear totally uncool Thanksgiving costumes.

6. "Yes, it's humiliating, but it's worth it."

7. They have been so patient.

8. "Can spot a bird from across the yard. Can't find the piece of meat you dropped unless you point it out 10 times."

All this hard work and being good, just for a little bite of turkey.


9. And a few tiny nibbles of stuffing ...

10. "Oh, screw it. I'm going in."

11. "Those turkey giblets better come with extra ham."

12. "Holy cow! Is this what you guys are eating?!"

13. "Game on."

14. "Bring it on."

15. "You know I'm the cutest and most charming dinner guest, right?"



16. Take a tip from these doggos and don't feed your pets too much weird Thanksgiving stuff! They have tiny bellies and can get sick easily.

And remember the Tofurky for your vegan friends!



"I loves you, turkey."


18. That after-turkey snooze by the fireplace says it all.

"It was all worth it."