Episode 27: How To Care For Your Pet's Movember Mustache

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Every fall, the November winds blow itchy Movember mustache hairs all over grossed-out women everywhere. While they're big supporters of men's health, Cuteness Pawdcast hosts, Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert, are way more excited about the adorable mustaches adorning the upper lips of animals than those of their human counterparts.

Ergo, in this unshaven episode, we share the most-impressive mustaches in the animal kingdom. (Hint: None of them belong to humans). Because, really, if you're ever sad, all you need to do is Google "horse mustaches" and your existential dread will melt away like cheese curds on poutine.


Video of the Day

Seriously, dear readers, have you ever wondered why a walrus grows a thick mustache that would make any Williamsburg hipster hang his haberdashered head in shame? If these questions keep you up into the wee hours of the morning, be sure to stream this episode of Cuteness Pawdcast because, not only do Allegra and Renee examine the nature and function of animal mustaches, they also have tips on how to keep your pup's facial hair looking heckin' fine.

Comedian and writer Briana Hansen sits in the guest seat this week to introduce two of the cutest Mustache-wielding dogs known to Instagram — her two Aussiedoodles named Bonnie and Clyde. Watch out for these two Outlawz, they'll steal your heart.


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