Episode 26: The Silliest Things Pets Do During The Holidays

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Dogs jumping on top of tables and devouring roast turkeys. Cats making off with Thanksgiving side dishes only to vomit them up at the feet of holiday guests. These are the stories pet parents love to tell each other and Cuteness Pawdcast hosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, share very important stories about very bad behavior from pets during holiday get-togethers.


But this thankful edition of the podcast isn't all war stories of Thanksgivings past. We also look at what seasonal human foods are safe for dogs and cats, which are dangerous, and how your pet chooses their favorite family member when company comes to town.

Video of the Day

Plus, Nickelodeon artist and animator Ashlyn Anstee takes the hot seat to talk about her mischievous cats' legendary mealtime antics and how the dogs from her childhood looted garbage cans and defiantly made themselves the centerpiece of the holiday table.


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