These Engravings Of Ancient Dogs Wearing Leashes Could Change History

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An exciting new discovery may prove that humans and canines have been animal besties for longer than expected. According to Science Magazine, ancient carvings discovered in two areas of northwest Saudi Arabia could be the oldest recorded depictions of humans and dogs working together on record.


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The engravings show what seem to be domesticated dogs — with their curly tails and pointed ears — helping out their human counterparts. The dogs even resemble the Canaan, a breed that are still plentiful in the area.

The pictures seem to show the animals hunting gazelle and other animals, which suggests that these dogs could have been trained to help humans hunt prey that they couldn't have gotten to easily on their own.

The craziest part of these images, aside from suggesting humans and dogs have been friends for a longer time than originally thought, is that they seem to have leashes attached to them.


If these leashes are literal — and not metaphorical symbols of the bond between humans and the animal — they'd be the oldest indication of how we keep our most precious canines close.

Archaeologists who discovered the engravings believe that they could possibly be around or over 8,000 years old, though they admit that they'll need to link the rock to something from the same time period to be completely sure. But these experts seem pretty confident in the chronology, even if it may be a while before it can be unquestioningly proven.


Basically, these ancient dog depictions are like the first pet Instagram feed ever created. And, without even meaning to, these pups and their humans may have become major historical #influencers.