Upset At Singing Dog Competition Causes The Most Adorable Controversy Ever

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If you need another reason to add to your list titled "Why Dogs Are the Greatest and Definitely, Definitely Better Than People in Every Way" (we all have that list, right?), here's one for you: They can sing better than people.


At least some of them can. LIVE with Kelly and Ryan held a "Bow Wow Wow" contest for singing dogs where viewers sent in videos to be voted on by the audience.

Rico, a 6-year-old Siberian Husky from West Michigan with the howl of an angel, was announced as the winner, earning his owners, Jason "Harv" and Melanie Hargreaves, a free trip to St. Lucia.

Unfortunately, Rico wasn't the true winner of the contest. LIVE posted an update on Instagram explaining that there was a calculation error with the votes and the actual Amber Martin and her dog, Walter.

But all ends well! As the Ludington Daily News reports, Rico's lovely voice still won the Hargreaves a free trip.