Now There's A Movie About A Ghost Dog Planning A Wedding So Life Is Complete

2017 will go down as the year that cinematic greatness was truly achieved. We've had dog movies before. We've had ghost movies. We've had wedding plannings, but never the trifecta: a dog ghost wedding planning movie.

Until now, that is. Behold, the glory of Best Friend from Heaven.

When her dog, Gabe, dies in a tragic accident on her wedding day, Tara cancels her wedding.

Gabe goes to heaven, obviously, and as a ghost he can talk. And his talking looks like this:

Gabe returns to earth with unfinished business — to make sure Tara has the wedding of her dreams. And only this guy can see him and help make it happen.

They have to work together to make sure Tara doesn't just skip getting married all together (in her defense, her dog dying tragically on her wedding day could seem like a sign).

If you didn't think it could get any better, wait until you hear Gabe's voice.

Watch the whole trailer for yourself below.