Fisherman Rescues A Strange-Looking Fish Mysteriously Found In The Middle Of The Ocean

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Image Credit: MattRied/iStock/GettyImages

When Jodi Durham headed out onto the Gulf of Mexico, he expected to see some water creatures like dolphins, fish, and pelicans. But what he didn't expect, however, was to see a dog bobbing in the middle of the ocean.

So when he recognized a struggling land-based canine desperately swimming in the ocean, he set to work to save her. Durham pulled the setter mix from the water and immediately named her Lucky Girl, for obvious reasons. He brought her back to shore and started asking around to see if anyone recognized her, to no avail.

Eventually, Durham contacted local park rangers who helped him give the pup some food and water to keep her healthy. Even though the area she was saved from is well-known for being pretty dangerous for non-amphibious creatures, Lucky Girl was healthy and happy.


After the local Houston news ran the story about the pup, it was shared by all sorts of people who wanted to find her home. And, Lucky Girl got lucky once again. A resident recognized the pup and they were able to reunite her with her family.


Both the dog and her owners were grateful to Durham for his life-saving maneuvers. And, though she's obviously a strong swimmer, it may be a bit before the pup heads back into the water.