Hungry Seal Feuds With Irish Fishmonger (Again)

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It's not every day that you see a shopkeeper shooing a hungry seal from his establishment.


At least, it's not for Derek Byrne, a DJ and radio presenter with Phantom Fm, a Dublin-based radio station.

But that was the remarkable scene he stumbled upon during a recent getaway to Wicklow, a hamlet of roughly 10,000 on Ireland's eastern coast.

Naturally, Byrne did what most of us would do in such a situation: He jumped on his favorite social media platform — in this case, Twitter — and broadcast it to the world.

As the unlikely interaction started to make the viral rounds, Twitter's masses leaned in with all manner of takes, jokes, and puns,.


"Was he caught sealing?" asked this woman wryly.

"The embarrassment of asking for a dozen fresh herring and realizing you've forgotten your wallet," quipped another.

"Any comments, @Seal?", inquired a local music hall porpoisely. (Yeah, we went there.)

"Mind if i print it out to add to my chubby seal collage?" quizzed this person in a gentle rebuke to the social media reps jockeying around the thread for the right to rerun the hilarious image on their sites and accounts.

"Meanwhile at a nearby bus stop, it's business as ewesual." (Get this person all the Twitter Trophies, STAT.)

Some let their GIF game do the talking for them. 👏 👏 👏

But then there was a HUGE plot twist: Wicklow locals revealed that the gluttonous seal was a regular who — writer puts Wayfarers on — had made waves in the town before.


And, as it turned out, the interspecies squabble WAS something of an everyday occurrence.

"Am told by someone from Wicklow that this is Sammy, and he turns up most days for a bucket of fish!"

And apparently that very same fishmonger and restauranteur who was seen chastising Sammy, is both his benefactor and his scrooge.

While he feeds Sammy three times daily, the man, Alan Hegarty, also isn't above directing him back to the harbor when he gets fresh!

According to this interview from 2012, the famous (or infamous) seal is even something of a tourist attraction that draws visitors to the town from all over the country.

Never change, Sammy, never change.