Unbelievably Cool Dog Wants To Keep His Love of Trampolines A Secret

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You know how sometimes you meet those people who will cut loose when they think no one is watching and then get totally shy and too-cool-for-school the second they realize someone can see?

Like when you catch your sibling dancing in the mirror and then they freeze and pretend they were stretching when they see you in the doorway? Well, get ready to see the dog equivalent of that mirror-dancing sibling.

Erik Pendlebury, 18, caught his dog jumping joyously on the trampoline, only to stop and play it cool once she sensed the cameras were rolling.

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"Just know I woke up n found my dog doing this .... " — Erik Pendlebury

This beautiful girl is the coolest dog that's ever lived.

Obviously, the Twitter response to the clip was incredible.