This Dog Ate His Owner's Jury Form & The Court's Response Is Hilarious

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We've all heard the old "dog ate my homework" excuse and usually, it's assumed to be just that — an excuse. But for one Springfield, Missouri resident named Alex Wakefield, the saying held true, not about their homework, but about their jury questionnaire.

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The shredded official court document was taped together and mailed back to the Christian County Circuit Court along with a note that read: "Sorry for the damage, the dog thought it was his."

The truly amazing part? The dog in question, a husky lab mix named Cinder, got an official response from the court. Deputy Court Clerk Michele Walker wrote a letter back — addressed not to the human, but to the dog. Her letter read:


"Dear Dog: Please thank your owners for returning the Jury Questionnaire that was addressed to William Wakefield. Also, please let them know we appreciate them taping it back together after you accidentally thought it was yours to have. We hope that you did not get into trouble for mistaking it as your own."

Speaking to the Springfield News-Leader, Walker explained that she thought the note (and the dog-induced damage) was adorable and the whole thing brightened up her day.

Wakefield says Cinder is a big chewer so it wasn't a surprise when his girlfriend, Taylor Bolls, found the questionnaire destroyed. Bolls is the one who actually taped the paper together and mailed it back with the note. She and Wakefield were pleasantly surprised to get a nice letter back instead of a reprimand.


"It's pretty funny just because usually people are trying to get out of jury duty," Wakefield said of the situation. "I'm glad that they got a kick out of it."