Cat Thinks She's A Dog & Greets Her Owner Like One

Dogs already have a well-earned reputation for happily greeting their owners after a long work day. And, though some cats like to say "Hello," they usually purr-fur a passing glance when you walk back in the door.

But someone recently posted a video proving cats can actually show enthusiasm for their human's return. According to the post, this is the typical daily greeting the owner gets from the sweet kitty.

The video features three happy phases of the return. First, there's the initial contact when it hears the human whistle and makes it's way out.

Next, the cat continues excitedly running straight towards it's owner, perking its tail up excitedly as it gets close.

And, finally, it gets delightful head scratches as a reward for its greeting.

The cat even wags its tail with the same enthusiasm you'd expect from an excited dog. Throughout the whole short and sweet video, there's no denying this kitty is pawsitively happy to see its owner. Some comments bemoaned that they wish their cat would show more affection like this little guy but, hey, that's just not all cat's style.