Lisa Vanderpump Adopts New Pup After Tragically Losing 2 Dogs

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Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump is a true dog lover through and through. Her dog Giggy became almost more famous than any other star on the popular Bravo show thanks to his dapper outfits and all-around irresistible personality.


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Vanderpump is passionate about pups and has rescued several of her own. She went through a tough couple weeks recently, losing two of her beloved fur babies in a very short period of time.

Of course, she posted sweet tributes to both of them on her Instagram page.

But, like the true animal lover she is, she bounced back by taking a new dog into her pack. And, no surprise, it's a head-turning beauty.

Her new pup, Binky, is bigger than Vanderpump's usual lap dog style. And, though she may be a little thrown off while it adjust to having a new home, there's no doubt this dog just got a major lifestyle upgrade.


In her caption, she explains that this dog was an owner surrender to her rescue and rehabilitation foundation, Vanderpump Dogs. The organization helps save tons of dogs from terrible situations, and from being surrendered at over-crowded shelters. Plus, they always have a handful of dogs ready to be taken to a forever home.

There must have been something truly special about Binky to stand out among the rest. Hopefully Vanderpump will post all sorts of fancy pictures of their new life together.