19 Gentle Animals & Their Daring Butterfly Friends

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As strange as it might seem, a butterfly can make an excellent companion, and these animals can attest.

1. Inspecting the grass together.

2. Deep, meaningful eye contact.

3. Butterfly kisses.

4. A day at the beach.

5. Based on the size of this puppy's paws, this is just the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

6. Nothing like lounging around on a lazy afternoon with your best bud.

7. Don't sneeze.

8. Getting some sun.

9. "Comfy back there?"

10. High five!

11. There's always time to stop and smell the flowers.

12. Just a little smooch boop.

13. "Oh, butterfly, you're a riot."

14. Going on an adventure.

15. Taking selfies.

16. "You make an excellent point, butterfly."

17. Finding the perfect spot for a picnic.

18. Companionable silence.

19. Seriously, don't sneeze.

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