Twinkle Tush Covers Your Kitty's Butt With Bling

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If your feline is feline paw-ticularly frisky, consider getting them this extra-special butt bling for the holiday season.

Yep, you read that right. It's butt bling for kitty.

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Made special just for kitties and their sparkle-loving owners, Twinkle Tush adds a little bling to an area usually reserved for less-beautiful sights.

The sparkly little charm dangles happily on your cat's tail, giving them a little extra piz-ass, if you will.

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The company gives even more benefits behind twinkly tushes, as if we needed them.

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The manufacturer claims the charm will keep your cat from embarrassing you or themselves at your next social gathering by accidentally flashing the entire human group its backside.

And it's true that, with the amount of catnip that goes around at these parties, you never know what might happen.

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You also get a sticker with every purchase, in case the blinging butt charm wasn't enough to pique your interest.

And yes, of course, Twinkle Tush isn't meant to be taken seriously. Even though it'd be a purrfect accessory for any kitty, it's more of a gag gift for the cat lover in your life. But, hey, your cat may end up actually liking it and starting a tushy trend.