This Footage Of A Dog Being Rescued From A Frozen Creek Will Melt You

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We should all know by now to stay off icy lakes and creeks, but just in case you need a reminder, this video will drive the lesson home for good.


The footage, shared by Denis Pilon, a fire chief at Swift Current Fire Department in Canada, is going viral and shows firefighters venturing onto the ice to save a pet dog.

In his post, Pilon wrote:


Yesterday afternoon, our firefighters were busy at the creek, rescuing someone's pet. They allowed their dog to run off leash when it ventured our onto the ice and fell through. Quick action calling the fire department helped save their pet. Please keep your pets and children away from the Creek, the ice is thin and it is NOT safe."


The rescue mission was intense. One of the firefighters had to be tied to a rope and sent out to rescue the pup — just in case the firefighter fell through and had to be pulled back to safety. That was a real concern, considering how thin the ice was.

The department reiterated Pilon's warning on Twitter.

This rescue mission is heartwarming, but serves as a good safety reminder for everyone (human and animal) this winter.