Drunk Opossum Stole Booze, Lives With No Regrets

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A liquor store owner in Florida recently had a break in from a young critter looking to get a little loose.


Cash Moore, the owner of the Cash's Liquor Store chain, had never had a opossum break into his store before. Until, of course, the day after Thanksgiving when an employee found a juvenile female opossum acting a fool next to a broken bottle of booze.

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According to employees, the opossum got into the store, knocked over a bottle of bourbon with her tail, and proceeded to drink pretty much the whole thing.

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"She definitely wasn't fully acting normal," said Michelle Pettis, a wildlife health technician at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge where, according to officials, she was detoxed and rehydrated before being released back into the wild with no complications a couple days later.


The store owner was quick to point out to reporters that, as far as he knew, she was of legal drinking ages for opossums. And, though he'll do his best to keep her out in the future, she obviously has excellent taste in fine liquors.