Brave Dog Rescues 2 Nearly-Frozen Cats Because šŸ¶ > šŸ˜ŗ

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The winter weather is cold in Canada, but that doesn't stop Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dog, Hix, from engaging in two of his favorite activities. Hix loves to run, and ā€” being the four-legged hero he is ā€” he loves to save lives.


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And Hix, the very good boy that he is, got to do both when he was out for a nice chilly run recently in Manitoba. A scent caught his nose, and he found two abandoned kittens who had nearly frozen to death.

Hix, along with his human friends, saved these kitties from the cold. They were both taken in, given warmth, food and water, and lots of cuddles.

Hopefully, after a full check up, these kittens will be on their way to a full recovery.

Plenty of people on both Twitter and Facebook have been giving the furry hero lots of digital praise and puppy love.

Though internet belly rubs may not be a delightful as real-life ones, maybe one of the lucky humans who gets to hang with this fearless dog will make sure he gets even more attention and praise for his life-saving actions.