Stream These Short Flicks From New York's First Cat Film Festival

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Because she believes cats have more to offer the cinematic world than simply goofy YouTube videos, Tracie Hotchner founded a feline film festival that will premieres in New York City on December 9. Hotchner, who, two years ago, founded a doggie film fest, said her motivation behind the New York Cat Film Festival was to show a deeper side to the relationship between kitties and humans. The debuting fest has already proven much more popular than its canine counterpart.

From in-depth documentaries to more playful short pieces, the festival promises a range of cat-themed cinema. After its New York debut, the festival hopes to travel around the country and raise funds for various local cat shelters.

If you're not able to be at the festival in person, or you're not lucky enough to have the traveling festival at a city near you, here are some of the feline films and trailers that will purrfectly featured at the fest.


Portrait of the Catfighter

Graceanne Dorse, 2016 | A comedic film that follows a woman deeply involved in an "underground cat fighting" ring, which consists of the cats pretty much bored with each other.

Mittens from Kittens

Kim Best, 2014 | A documentary that follows how a woman was inspired to knit up warm items using excess cat hair.

Gus the Cat: A Love Letter to Austin

Lisa Donato, 2017 | A man in a mask attempts to hide his true identity from others by trying to convince them he's a cat.


Little Works of Art

Kim Best, 2017 | This documentary shows an inside look into a North Carolina man's "American Museum of the House Cat," which features over 10,000 cat-themed items.

The Guardians of Recoleta

Blake & Adrienne Kuhre, 2014 | A documentary that follows what happened when some well-meaning American rescued stray cats from a popular Buenos Aires tourist landmark.


Akamatsu the Cat: 10-minute documentary

Ian Christopher Goodman, 2016 | A story that follows a cat who was disabled after being hit by a car who continues to live and thrive for years after the accident.

Jetty Cats

Sheila O'Rourke, 2017 | A feature-length documentary about cats and people's relationship throughout the ages that also tackles the hotly debated "Trap-Neuter-Return" policy some people take with stray cat colonies.