Police Officer Saves Cat From Wildfire, Gives Hope For Humanity

The wildfires in southern California don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and for the people and pets who are forced to evacuate, it can be a scary situation. Even if you're prepared for an emergency, a situation this serious can catch you by surprise. But first responders in Southern California are bravely helping animals and humans in every way they can.

The LAPD recently tweeted a picture of an officer saving a cat in an affected area, and it has animal lovers everywhere grateful.

Scared kitties can be especially hard to wrangle in a crisis situation. If you only have moments to get out of the house, and your cat has decided to hide, you might face a heart-wrenching decision.

But these first responders obviously understand that, when it comes to search and rescue, they'll leave no man, kitten, or doggo behind.

Animals and humans everywhere can be so thankful that brave people like these LAPD offers have got our backs if something scary goes down.