We Can't Get Enough Of People Sharing How Their Pets Got Their Nicknames

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Some pets have one name. Others, like Batman, Rihanna, or Babe Ruth, have all the names.


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That's the takeaway from a hilarious Twitter thread in which pet owners shared how their furry BFF's handles have evolved, be it deliberately or accidentally, over time.

It all started with this seemingly innocuous post from cartoonist Moose Allain:

"Our dog is called Nutmeg. A lovely name for a dog. But the sad truth is most of the time we call her Nutface."

He quickly piggybacked on the original tweet with a second sobriquet that introduced a new wrinkle — and explained its cryptic origin:


"Also occasionally The Carvery (we called her Nutwell Lodge, or “The Lodge” after a local pub which became a Toby Carvery - hence we call her The Carvery)."

"Needless to say, none of those are their real names."

"There are probably others. My cat must be very confused."

"That last one was a swerve none of us were expecting."  😂 😂 😂

"Thus Anna Karenina was demoted to Tiddles."

Most people couldn't explain why they cycled through so many doggy designations, saying it was just something that unfolded organically: "Each name more complicated than her actual name - not sure at all why we do this."

Even a celebrity like the comedian Michael McKean isn't immune from the inflation of titles and tags; he jumped in to chart the arc of his pup, from Shep to Sheepstack Lightning.

Do you hand out honorifics like they're candy on Halloween? Trace your pets' names from then to now in the comments below!