Episode 29: Are Cats & Dogs Smarter Than Human Toddlers?

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Pets are both the true Christmas miracles and yuletide disasters all in one. At least, that's the hot take from this December edition of the Cuteness Pawdcast where our hosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, share tales of very smart dogs who, if contemporary pet psychology is to be believed, are just as intelligent as 2-year-old human toddlers, who, most parents will tell you, are pretty dang clever.


Renee and Allegra also take a deep dive into the world of feline behavior to surface evidence that mischievous cats, who popular culture has pegged as giving zero f**ks, are actually furry scientists conducting prey-based experiments by playing with objects they perceive as something to chase. If it the object of their curiosity falls and breaks, then it's an expensive vase; but if it runs, then it might just be a mouse.

Video of the Day

Screenwriter and host of the The Peanuts Gallery podcast, Josh A. Cagan, is papa to one heck of a dog — a sweet pup named Banjo — and he joins the pod to tell us about how to not only pick an inspiring name for a dog, but also a sure-fire method for adopting the best pup for you.


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