42 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Wearing Things They Should Not Be Wearing

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Animals wearing clothes are adorable. Okay, animals wearing ​most​ things are adorable. But here are 46s animals wearing things they should not actually be wearing—whether the results are cute or not.

Reminder: Not all pets like wearing clothes so if yours is one of them, please don't force the issue!


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1. Well, this took a turn for the creepy.

2. Do these make me look smarter?

3. It's cat shirt inception.

4. A prairie dog in a hoodie, because reasons.

5. This is either entirely unnecessary or a medical marvel.

6. "I woke up to find he had dressed himself. He even cut a hole in the butt for his tail."

7. "My human grandmother got married last summer and I wanted to try her underskirt to see if it fits"

8. These dogs are way less excited about being pandas than we are about seeing them as pandas.

9. Warning: You can't unsee this.

Read more about this "photo fad" at Know Your Meme.


10. Boss cat would like to see you in his office right meow.

11. Avengers ASSEMBLE.

12. Police? We'd like to report a crime. A dog in a ski mask has stolen our hearts.

13. This dog is giving her groomer one star on Yelp.

14. This cow is giving hers five stars though.

15. "Dogs wearing wigs b/c it's exactly what you needed right now"

You know you needed this.


16. Dad Cat would like to have a word with you before you take his daughter out, thankyouverymuch.

17. Are these ... false teeth?

18. When the question is largely a rhetorical one.

19. Gotta flash your best fit for the first day of school

20. "I had mine first"

21. 50 Shades of Adorable.

22. The only thing better than humans in dinosaur costumes is dogs in dinosaur costumes.

23. BOO!

24. Prediction: If more chickens wore pants, more people would be vegetarians.

25. This dog is cooler than you will ever be.

26. And this dog thinks he's cooler than you'll ever be.

27. This chicken needs a smaller size shoe.

28. This dog is literally more fashionable than you are.

29. Hold on, playing a really immersive version Pokemon Go.

30. Preparing for battle.

31. Baby Dog needs a nap after all that cute-ing.

32. "Well, one of us is going to have to change..."



33. Limes are for eating, not for wearing.

34. Always prepared.

35. I don't believe that hair looks good.

36. Even turtlenecks look better on dogs.

37. These baby goats looks ready for school picture day.

38. Profile pic vs tagged pic.

39. Bag lady.

40. Let's go swimming.

41. Wig bear is LUXURIOUS.

42. You don't expect him to just walk barefoot, do you?

43. Okay, I'll explain it again, from the beginning.

44. Doctor Dog will see you now.

45. "Yeah, that's a croc, and they're in now Brenda — so shut up."

46. Smartest. Deer. Ever.


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