Just 56 Hilarious Animal Puns That You Need To See Right Now

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If you love puns and you love animals (and who doesn't love both?), then the internet exists for you. Here are 56 hilarious animal puns given to us by the glorious internet.

1. You'll never hear the "Friends" theme the same way again.

2. You're more than just a mere cat to us.

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3. Two puns, one meme.

4. Don't make a meowntin out of a mole hill.

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5. Us, every time we travel from now on.

6. Good one, birds. Good one.

7. No jury could convict someone that cute.

8. New catchphrase:

9. We hope this business got SO MANY CUSTOMERS because of this sign.

10. Happy Pun-idays.

11. Yes, yes, a million times YES, cartoon hedgehog.

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12. Computer pun + animal pun = ultimate pun level unlocked.

13. Never!

14. What other hands would you use?


16. Thank you Photoshop.

17. Holy seacow, that's a good one.

18. How do we thank Adele for this one personally?

19. Of course you do, sweetie.


21. Some people are just unbearably hard to please.

22. Funny story.

23. Is this movie streaming on Netflix and if not, WHY?

24. Ditto this movie.

25. How can we help, exhausted panda?

26. Laughing so hard and not embarrassed at all.

27. These body-shaming hippos have issues to work out.

28. Never, adorable sheep. Never.

29. There, there.

30. Our move, we see.

31. No! Work it out, you crazy kids.

32. It's a date.

33. #SorryNotSorry

34. Scandalous.


36. Someone get this man a Father of the Year awards.

37. This pun is magical.

38. Can't stop, won't stop.

39. Whale, whale, whale indeed.

40. You're beautiful just the way you are.

41. Nice save, Tumblr.

42. Don't have a cow, but this joke is gold.

43. We can thank Finding Nemo for everyone understanding this one.

44. This checks out.

45. Understandable mistake though.

46. Journey got the lyrics wrong. THIS is how the song was meant to be.

47. Take this seriously, please.

48. The feeling is mutual.

49. The only thing cuter than the love is the pun.

50. Or is it adorable?

51. Slightly NSFW.

52. Is there ever a bad time to make a bad pun though?

53. Teamwork makes the dream work.

54. Every. Last. One.

55. No, but it's funny. Maybe you're not getting the joke.

56. More puns than we thought a single meme could hold. Thank you, internet.