10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas To Spoil Your Pet Without Spoiling The Planet

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Buying gifts for your dog can be fun but also overwhelming because there are so many options.


But one thing some pet owners may not consider is how eco-friendly their pet toys are. We go through so many pet supplies; we should think about the impact they have on our planet. But luckily, there are tons of adorable, useful, and eco-friendly options for your pet. We've collected a fabulous list of gift ideas for eco-conscious pet owners who still want to spoil your pet.

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1. KAFBO Whale-Shaped Cat Scratcher

Does your feisty feline love to climb and scratch? Then they'll love this adorable whale-shaped cat scratcher from KAFBO. The whale design is constructed from layers of eco-friendly cardboard. And it's fun design will look great and give your kitty lots of ways to play. Find it on Etsy for $79.29 for the large. Other sizes available.


2. Ruffwear Quencher Travel Bowl

This trusty travel bowl is easy to fold up and take with you on the go, wherever your adventures take you! It's also sustainably produced to reduce waste. Find it online at their website in three different sizes starting at $14.95.


3. Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave

If your cat loves to find a cozy little hole to curl up in, then this cat cabe may be perfect. Made from all-natural, sustainable Merino wool, your cat will be cozy, and the planet will be happy. Also, the chic pattern looks great with all kinds of decor. Find it on Amazon starting at $54.88.


4. Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Recycle Ball

Even the toughest of chewers will LOVE this rubber ball. It has been highly rated for durability, and it's made with fun, bouncy rubber. The usually eco-friendly Planet Dog took these balls one step further — making them out of entirely recycled materials. Find them on their website for $14.95.


5. Housecat Club Carrot Cat Toy

You and your cat will flip for these adorable plush carrot toys. These handcrafted toys are made from eco-friendly felt, fill, and organic catnip — PLUS, they're 100 percent vegan. So you can feel good about spoiling your cat. Find them at Healthy Spot for $14.95.


6. Earth Animal No Hide Chicken Stix

If your dog loves to chew, but you worry about the potential dangers of rawhide, check out these tasty options. These chicken stix are made from cage free chicken with no hormones or antibiotics. And they're also available in beef and salmon varieties. Find them at Healthy Spot for $9.99.


7. Alfie Pet Bamboo Pet Bowls

If your pet could use a fun new bowl to eat out of, then these eco-friendly bowls could do the trick. They're made from sustainable bamboo, but they're totally dishwasher safe. Find them on Amazon in three fun, bright colors and four sizes starting at $7.99.


8. Calcor Compostable Poop Bags

Now it might not be the funnest gift for you or your dog, but it's an essential. And while it's important to pick up after your dog, we also don't want to add to the landfills with our plastic poop bags. These bags are made from 100 percent vegetable plastic, and they can be composted as long as your city accepts animal waste. Find the 16-roll pack on Amazon for $12.99.

9. sWheatScoop Natural Wheat Cat Litter

Again, maybe not the most exciting gift, but switching your cat litter to something more eco-friendly could be huge for the planet. This quick-clumping litter is biodegradable and chemical free, so you can feel at ease. Find it at PetCo for $8.99.

10. Pure + Good Flea and Tick Shampoo

Keep fleas and ticks away in a gentle, natural way with this chemical-free shampoo. You can bathe your pet with confidence, because these suds use only natural things like lemongrass, citronella, and peppermint to keep pests away. Find it at Healthy Spot for $19.95.

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