Mom Trying To Bribe Baby To Say 'Mama' Gets An Unexpected Response From The Dog

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Every parent is excited to hear their baby's first words — and what mom wouldn't love that first word to be "mama"?


Andrea Diaz-Giovanini tried to bribe her young son with food to get him to utter the M-word. The family dog, Patch, wanted in on the action and, desperate for some yummy human food, said mama himself.

The baby even pushes Patch in response, as if to say, "Hey, don't steal my thunder, dog."

The clip (naturally) went viral on YouTube, with many commenters chiming in to praise the Australian Shepard—and demand that he get the reward he deserves.


"For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog from 'Dog Says Mama, Baby Can't' didn't never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night," the family posted to reassure Patch's fans.

Watch the hilarious clip for yourself below.