Rescuers Wait For Days To Save Stubborn Stray Stuck In Tree

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Last Thursday, Long Island resident Debbie Hooper heard the cries of a kitty across the street. When she went to investigate, she couldn't find the cat on the ground because the daredevil feline has made its way pretty high into a nearby tree.

As Hooper and her neighbors tried to coax the kitten down, it apparently only became more and more frightened. The kitty was so high up that it could seriously injure itself — at the very least — if it just jumped or fell down. Plus, it's wintertime in Long Island so the nights were absolutely freezing.

Needless to say, residents were worried for the cat's wellbeing.

After five harrowing days of effort, The North Folk Animal Welfare League got involved. With the help of a local tree company along with lots concerned neighbors with blankets and nets, rescuers were able to safely get the cat out of the tree.


The cat initially tried to immediately climb back up in the tree, likely overwhelmed by its newfound fame. But it quickly thought twice about the decision and scampered off to a local cat colony, likely to regale its fellow kitties with tales of its harrowing bravery.


Hopefully the cat will get some much-needed rest and relaxation after quite the holiday hootenanny.