18 Animal GIFs With Amazing Twist Endings

Don't look away! These GIFs have adorable endings that will make you do a double-take. (It's fine if you look away; the GIFs are on a loop.)

1. Bonk.

2. What the - ?

3. "No one saw that, right?"

4. What a cute teddy bear!

5. Not much of a cat door, is it?

6. When one "aww" isn't enough.

7. Majestic creatures.

8. "We're gonna need a bigger door."

9. Incoming!

10. Perfect fit.

11. This one is weird from start to finish.

12. Zoink!

13. "New friend?"

14. Whatever. He had it coming.

15. It was an accident! Or was it...?

16. Rude!

17. TFW you just want to wash your motorcycle in peace.

18. Surprise!