Mine! Seagull Steals GoPro & Flies Away With Amazing Footage

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"That's a nice action cam you got there, it would be a shame if something happened to it ... "

All photographer Kjell Robertsen wanted was closeups of the seagulls that live near his coastal home in Bodø, Norway.


But when he scattered breadcrumbs on his deck, what he got was something a whole lot more amazing: A fowl felon, taking flight with the man's newly purchased GoPro camera.


Thinking it was gone forever, the man lamented what was lost and what could have been.


But, in a miraculous twist, the cubular action cam was located 5 months later and less than a mile from his house.

Even more hilarious was the video on it, which was still playable (!!!) and from the literal bird's-eye view, entirely self-incriminating.

After roughly 30 seconds, the winged scofflaw drops to the ground, where it poses briefly for a selfie. Finding the tech inedible, it subsequently jets off in search of, well, whatever it is birds want (WORRRRRMS).


Dubbing the thief the world's first "seagull drone", GoPro has shared this video on YouTube and, like the bird, we've taken the bait by embedding the incredible footage below.