This Good Boy Wants To Know If You're Seeing Other Dogs

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Like any healthy relationship, the bond between dog and human is built on a foundation of love, honesty, and communication.


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But when one good boy recently found his person parter to be, perhaps, straying from those traits, he sat them down for a frank conversation about commitment and fidelity.

Fortunately for us, this status check unfolded on Twitter, where the thread it spawned went massively viral. Things got, as they say, real — and they got real, really fast.

“Are you calling other dogs goodboys, yes or no”, the pup quizzed earnestly, with head tilted and paws tented.

The boldness of the question struck a nerve with other good boys suspicious of their people. The responses did NOT disappoint.


“Now hold up I don’t even know what you’re talking about”.

"My home dog when he finds out i got a college dog".

"Yes or no? I'm waiting".

"You pet who?!?”. 😂 😂 😂

"Look into my eyes, not around my eyes".

"tell me".

" that?"

“That’s right, BISH. She’s petting ME now.”

"I'm keeping my eyes on you."

But! There was also resolution for the OP.


Chastened by the interrogation, the good boy's human reassured his pup that he was the only dog that mattered.

"this is the only goodboy. i don’t know where the ears went in this picture though lmao."

Good news everyone, love isn't cancelled after all!