This Dog Does The Unexpected To Make Sure His Human Never Leaves Him Again

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It happens every time: You lay a suitcase on the floor to pack, and your dog gets visibly upset (while the cat beds down for an impromptu nap on your best work clothes).


Maybe this takes the form of restless, back-and-forth pacing or maybe they hit you with the dreaded sad eyes. Either way, the pets aren't happy about your impending absence.

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Well, one Labrador was so fed up with his human's globetrotting that he resorted to literal sabotage, dragging the man's rolling carry-on bag through the house and RETREATING WITH IT INTO THE RECESSES OF HIS CRATE.


Video of the hilarious tantrum surfaced earlier today on Imgur, where it was tabbed as a "Staff Pick" and promoted to the site's homepage.

Less than 9 hours after it was first published, the GIF has been viewed more than 2.8 million times and spawned a bevy of doggo-inflected takes.

"Only place you’re going is a guilt trip", punned this commenter, whom we're preemptively giving all the tropies. 🏆 🏆 🏆

"It would be so hard to leave after that :(", shared a second.

"You ain't going nowhere human", quipped this person.

"You.. * struggles * cant.... * struggles * goooOOo!", pleaded another.

"Ha! Am safe! You can't fit in here!", crowed DYLANLEE79.

Still the best last word went to ShebaKaboom, who, finding the whole thing very relatable, joked "that’s the decoy luggage." #plottwist

Is your pup a pouty pup when it's time to leave? Share your stories in the comments below!