Storm Shakes Surprise Kitten Free From Unlikely Hiding Spot

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Because cheap rent is the best rent, Ellie Haywood lives in a Melbourne house charitably (or not so charitably) described as "old and decrepit" with a pair of roommates.

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Last month, the 28-year-old Australian woman was surprised to learn that she was actually cohabing with a fourth resident. Only this one wasn't human and he certainly wasn't on the lease.

But it was the way this furry addition announced his arrival that had the trio completely SHOOK: When an "unprecedented" summer storm lashed the leaky rental — which, to be honest, sounds A LOT like the Paper Street house from Fight Club — with record-breaking rain and wind, a cat and her kitten fell from the ceiling atop a pillow of plaster that had collapsed under their weight!


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In a case of life imitating memes, Haywood jumped on social media to share news of this unexpected blessing from the Content Gods.


In an appropriate twist, they immediately dubbed the tuxedo kitten "Asbestos."

"We decided within about 30 seconds that we were keeping him," she told BuzzFeed in an interview.


While the mom cat promptly bolted off, Asbestos was more content to investigate his new digs — and nom nom nom on his new people partners.

"Asbestos thinks our hands are his brothers and sisters," she quipped.

Fortunately, a visit to the doctor the next day revealed no health issues.

He "received a clean bill of health and a lot of cuddles from our local vet," she noted on the microblogging platform.

Though Haywood believes this is his first contact with humans, Asbestos has quickly adjusted to their presence. You might even say he is already living his best life.


"Asbestos Update: he’s come so far in just 24 hours, he was snapping and hissing and biting with his NEEDLE SHARP TEETH and now-" she captioned a video of the tiny boof curled up on her lap.

"Hello," read a bundle of adorable closeups.

On Twitter, the episode prompted some hilarious takes — and clever wordplay.

"Congratulations to your ceiling on a successful birth," joked one person.

"That brings a whole new meaning to raining cats and dogs... have you checked there are no puppies up there?" punned a second.

Some shared similar discoveries, finding the whole thing very relatable.


"As a former beneficiary of a Kitten Portal I say to you, welcome. And also check the floorboards and any surrounding bushes. We had 24 over the span of a year."

"A very similar thing happened to us two months ago, although in our case, he was a gift from the dryad of the backyard cherry tree! Sometimes the universe wants to give you a kitten."

Befitting of his newfound viral fame, little Asbestos now even has his very own Insta, around which has quickly coalesced a community of mustachioed cat fans.

Here's hoping the duo have many years of happiness ahead.

For more snaps of Asbestos, bounce on over to his Instagram!