You Won't Believe What This Kennel Uses To Transport Dogs

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Carpooling has officially gone to the dogs.

And we have a boarding service in North Sydney in Nova Scotia, Canada to thank for it.


According to the CBC, Good Hands Boarding Kennels has been ferrying 15-30 doggos to and from its day care with a mini school bus that was purchased secondhand over the summer.

In an interview with The Dodo, Goodhands' founder Rachel Haggett explained that she introduced the service to make things more convenient for her clients — both canine and human — during the winter, when conditions make driving hazardous.


After seeing the used 1995 Girardin Blue Bird minibus online, “I could picture the dogs in it ... [and] ... we [just] had to have it," she added.

Haggett's partner Wayne Devoe pilots the clementine-colored shuttle every day, fetching the wagon woofers from their homes in the morning before reversing the route at day's end.

Because safety, the furry passengers are crated for the duration of the commute, though that doesn't always stop them from jumping behind the wheel. 😂 😂 😂

Some of the "students" even come accessorized with their very own backpacks, which often include snacks, lunch, or a layer if they need mohr warms.


Judging by snaps posted to the businesses' social media accounts, the pups seem to be living their very best lives, both on the road and when they get to "class".

Amenities at Goodhands are multitude: From a trampoline and ball pit to seesaw and heated pool (!!!), the dogs have no shortage of enrichment activities from which to choose.

They even celebrate birthdays!

Roll on, puppers, roll on.

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