Don't Put Food Down Around This Sneaky Cat Bagel-ar

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Writer's note: Okay, fine, technically speaking this might not be a bagel, but it's a rounded foodstuff nonetheless and in the interest of a good pun, we're rolling with it.


Because pets stealing their owner's food is never not funny, we present this hilarious video — a gift handed down by the Content Gods and one Kelley Fultz of Blacklick, Ohio — of a very patient and very sneaky cat tra-tra-trying to poach her human's breakfast noms.

OMG: Mine! Seagull Steals GoPro & Flies Away With Amazing Footage

Huddled behind Fultz's laptop, we never really get a good look at Miss Mew Mew, but as you'll see, the tuxedo kitteh is nothing if not determined.


By our count, she boldly attempts to drag the carb-loaded parchment close no less than 5 — COUNT THEM FIVE!!!!!! — times.

Food fights have never looked so cute. Watch!

Purr-serverance, thy name is a hungry cat.

h/t Tastefully Offensive