18 Animals Who Deeply Understand Your Holiday Struggles

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The holiday season is upon us, and that means a lot of good and a handful of universally-relatable struggles. Here are 18 animals who understand what you're going through.

1. When you try to watch what you eat in anticipation of your holiday binge.

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2. When you fail.

3. When you pay the price.

4. When it's your turn to put out decorations and you just can't.

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5. When you have to pose for your holiday card, but you're really not feeling this year's theme.

6. When you have to pack for your holiday trip.

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7. When you have to wear an ill-fitting holiday sweater.

8. When you know what your present is but still have to wait for Christmas morning to open it.

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9. When you get totally edged out of the holiday photos.

10. When you officially realize you ate too much.

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11. When you get scary serious about the holidays. (Hover to play.)

12. When everything just seems to be falling apart.

13. When you try to get dressed up for a holiday party but it turns out all wrong.

14. When you try to get the family Grinch in the spirit.

15. When you get to a holiday party and search desperately for your favorite snacks and can't find them anywhere.

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16. When you think about the repercussions of all those cookies.

17. When it's the day after Christmas.

18. When you realize all the struggles were actually totally worth it.