Just 18 Of The Most Unbelievably Athletic Pets We've Ever Seen

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Animals are good at everything, including sports, apparently. Here are 18 animals who are more athletic than you.

1. I can't even catch a ball with my hands, let alone my nose.

2. Honestly still better than me at catching a ball.

3. Meet the star of the next Karate Kid reboot.

4. TBH, this chicken is more agile than most people we know.

5. This otter should be in the NBA.

6. And so should this dog.

7. Also this dog, for good measure.

8. And the gold medal goes to ...TRAMPOLINE DOG.

9. There is so much about this that is impressive.

10. Foosball champion.

11. Raise your hand if you can't even imagine successfully standing on a surfboard.

12. Clearly these dogs aren't raising their paws to the last question.

13. Marty McWho?

14. Bend it like this dog.

15. Or this one. Take your pick, really.


17. Stahp it. Can't with this.

18. But could you do this yorkie obstacle course?

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