Honestly, These 20 Pets Didn't Want To Be Your Friend Anyway

We love animals, but sometimes love hurts. Here are 20 animals who put up with way too much of our crap.

1. Not a bunny. Definitely not a ... oh, do whatever you want.

2. No, this doesn't make it hard to see the TV at all.

3. Naps are a privilege, not a right.

4. Apparently no one can nap in peace.

5. Bothers pet. Laughs. Takes pictures. Posts them on the internet.

6. Stahp it, dude. Please?

7. Not. Amused.

8. No pets. NO PETS.

9. Does this count as animal cruelty? It feels like it might be.

10. Why. Are. You. Filming?

11. THIS is pervasive cruelty.

12. Fine, use me as a pencil holder. Just don't wake me.

13. What even is this?

14. Apparently it's a thing.

15. We humans are just the worst.

16. What did I do that made you think I like this?

17. Wait — they know?

18. Want to respect your pet? Never vacuum in their presence.

19. This is the last time you pick my haircut.

20. It's not even Halloween.